On The Calculus of Human Experience

April 17, 2018

Mythology, stories and ancient wisdom is the calculus of human experience

Should Modernity be a Mathematician, Statistician or Sculptor? For what is the language of Mathematics but an abstract paintbrush to draw in the net of the continuous reality. The Mathematician would be precise, creating new methods and formulae’s for deterministic calculation. Suppose though, through our use of stories and wisdom, we may formalize a new type of calculus, on the language of virtues and values of the human race encoded as myths, tales, and stories. “The unsung rules or patterns of conscious existence”.

For example,

The Hero’s Journey: A formula or map of becoming the potential which is embedded in all of us.

The Emergence of Religion: Man’s way of deferring his central responsibility in the process and the tool to bind together collectives

The Symbolism of Escape: Huxley’s Soma, Dostoevsky’s Alcohol, Orwell’s 2 Minutes Hate, the social media of our age

And yet, despite what the collective morals would propose we believe, that is to say: material exhibitionism, Nature carves it’s formulas of existence in the stone tapestry of our collective history in quite different ways. For our existence is but a piece of art, instantiable into any medium which touches the observer’s prototype - paint, stone, narrative, drama. It is not the gold or silver which are used to etch the imprint of those great men and women, but clay as Seneca would say.

True wealth, perhaps, is to touch infinity. The enduring and tempting law of human experience that we engage in as the game, “how close to total catastrophe can we get”. But perhaps it is that which boldly adventures to touch infinity in their domain of choosing that acts as a new tool to expand this glorious work of art. And those adventurers, become the ones who inspire Nature a new avenue of expression - a new path to take in her artwork of human experience. It is then he or she who becomes a character of history. A formula in this grand calculus of consciousness.

But how then, does man discover his value, his place, his search in this life? Should we, seeing Nature playing the tune and sculpting away herself, decide too to sculpt ourselves? Not by the comings and goings of the climate in society, but with the wisdom represented by men and women of the past. Knowing all too well it was in their pursuit for the same that we might find what we seek. Like a crashing wave in infinite circulation, where those of fresh energy take up the slowed momentum of those passing down, forever and always in a continual forward momentum.

Perhaps man should aim to build this cathedral of consciousness on the foundations he finds in these archetypes. But alas, it is true. This is a tall order indeed. For how could you possibly ever know what to build?

So here is where to start, and the fun really begins.

Two secrets to tell, which are devilish twins.

And just as one traveler says to another

“The path that you take, I know not either,

but perhaps Nature, may know wiser.”

For the part you build, and what you become,

is sculpted by many, but has an author of one.