Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing

July 29, 2017

“Reality escapes all concepts. [To have is a concept. And to not have is a concept.] Your concepts will prove to be attempts to catch water in a sieve.”

  • A. Watts

With a starry night above, the vibrant cars speed quickly through the streets. The traffic lights flicker, and doors slam shut as the cool summer breeze rolls in. Excited people hustling to a night out and about. The shops are busy, and the town is lively with transactions of commerce and conversation in an atmosphere of human excitment and life.

And there, sitting quietly doing nothing. Breathing in and out, with intense focus directed nowhere. The it which escapes conceptual boxing, flows in and out, like pebbles hitting water endlessly.

Always there when unaware. Always hiding when sought.

To capture it and realize it, you lose it. Like trying to watch a wave hit every piece of sand on the beach. It’s not wrong to want to understand it, but realize it is a self frustrating task.

Take time to sit. Take time to watch. Take time to breath.

For one day, the eyes open wide from sleep with a tired body laying. The curtain is drawn and a dim flourescent light flows through. With beeping and buzzing noises of monitoring devices and squeaky wheelchairs rolling by.

But the mind is not here. It is sitting quietly doing nothing, in the sweet atmosphere of a cherry blossom tree blowing in the distance.